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What is high definition TV?

HD, or high definition is the next step in the evolution of television, which uses the latest technology to bring clearer images in to your home – pictures that are up to five times sharper than standard definition TV depending on the size of your television and type of programming.

You can enjoy movies, sports, entertainment, documentaries and news with the HD Pack.


Compare the difference:


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High definition TV is the biggest thing to happen to television in years. With HD, you can experience TV with sharper detail and more vibrant colour.


What benefits does Sky+HDTV box give me?

It's the extra detail you get with high definition that not only looks amazing, it feels amazing too. Whether you're watching movies, drama, sports, arts or wildlife shows, you'll feel like you're right at the centre of the action with:

  • Up to five times more picture detail and incredibly vibrant colour
  • Superb quality sound
  • Up to 80+ HD channels - Europe's widest range of HD channels
  • All the features of Sky+ with even more storage space 
  • A hand-picked collection of the week's TV, ready to watch when you are with Sky Anytime ( Sky onDemand / Sky Catch Up TV)

Like all our Sky+HD boxes you will also be able to watch 3D TV with a 3D ready TV.


How do I get Sky+HD?

To get started with Sky+HD, you need an HD ready TV, a Sky+ HD Box inclusive Sky Viewing Card and the HD Pack (which contains all Sky HD channels). Build your Sky TV package from just £19 a month, and then add the HD Pack for £10 per month extra. The channels you receive with the HD Pack depend on your Sky TV package chosen on online activation.

What HD channels can I watch?

You can watch up to 50+ HD channels with Sky, Europe's widest range of HD channels. Experience everything from sports and movies, to arts, drama, documentaries and news, all in stunning high definition. The HD channels you receive depend on your Sky TV package. For example, if you have the standard definition Sky Sports, Sky Movies or Disney Cinemagic channel in your package you will receive the high definition version of that channel if available in the HD Pack.

With over 600 different films shown every month on twelve dedicated high definition movie channels and more sports in HD than ever before, you can now catch even more of the action and drama in stunning high definition. Plus, you can now add ESPN HD to Sky Sports HD for £9 extra a month and enjoy 115 available Barclays Premier League matches.

Luxe TV HD, Channel 4 HD, BBC HD, ITV1 HD and FiVE HD are available as free-to-air HD channel, although Channel 4 HD requires a current viewing card. The reception of free HD channels depends on the dish size and area.

Sky Movies HD   Sky Sports HD
  • Sky Movies Premiere HD
  • Sky Movies Showcase HD
  • Sky Movies Action & Adventure HD
  • Sky Movies Crime & Thriller HD
  • Sky Movies Comedy HD
  • Sky Movies Family HD
  • Sky Movies Indie HD
  • Sky Movies Modern Greats HD
  • Sky Movies Drama & Romance HD
  • Sky Movies Sci Fi & Horror HD
  • Disney Cinemagic HD
  • Sky Box Office HD (Pay Per View)


  • Sky Sports 1 HD
  • Sky Sports 2 HD
  • Sky Sports 3 HD
  • Sky Sports 4 HD
  • Sky Sports News HD
  • Rush HD
  • Eurosport HD
  • ESPN HD*

* requires ESPN subscription £ 9

Other channels available with the HD Mix are:
  • Sky1 HD
  • Sky Arts 1HD
  • Sky Arts 2 HD
  • Sky Real Lives HD
  • Sky News HD
  • FX HD
  • MTV HD
  • Nat Geo Wild HD
  • History HD
  • Crime & Investigation Network HD
  • bio. HD
  • Discovery HD
  • SyFy Channel HD
  • E4 HD
  • National Geographic Channel HD
  • Sky News HD
  • Luxe HD
  • BBC HD
  • BBC One HD
  • Channel 4 HD
  • ITV1 HD
  • ITV2 HD
  • ITV3 HD
  • Hallmark HD - BRAND NEW
  • More to come...

What are the features of the new Sky+HD TV guide?

  • Improved Now, Next and Later banner shows you information for all programmes on all channels, up to 12 hours ahead
  • The Mini TV allows you to search the TV listings without having to miss a moment of the programme you're watching
  • Record and Series Link straight from the TV listings without having to go back to your Planner
  • The new Series Stack feature makes it even easier to manage the recordings in your Planner
  • The improved Search function allows you to search by programme title, genre or sub-genre

Do I need a special dish to watch TV in high definition?

To receive Sky HD TV  you need a standard dish. The dish size may vary depending on your destination. For dish sizes, please speak with your local satellite installer.  Once your dish and Sky+HDTV box have been set-up, you won't need an aerial or any additional equipment installed.

Record programmes in high definition?

You can record up to 60 hours of high definition shows, or up to 185 hours of standard definition programmes. The Sky+HD 1TB box has one terabyte of personal storage and can store up to 240 hours of high definition (HD) television – that’s four times more than our latest Sky+HD box. Plus, the increased memory size for Sky Anytime allows you to watch up to 100 hours of on demand HD content. The Sky+HD box has all the Sky+ features built in, so you can pause and rewind live TV, record selected series at the touch of a button, record two programmes at once.


What do I need to get Sky+HD?

hdreadyAll you need to enjoy Sky+HD is an HD ready TV (make sure it has the 'HD ready' logo), a Sky+HDTV box and the HD Pack. Then, to watch programmes in stunning high definition, you'll need to select the HD Pack on Online Activation.

How to get Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound with HD?

Many HD programmes are broadcast in stunning Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, delivering top quality audio to accompany your HD picture. In order to immerse yourself in surround sound, you'll need a compatible home cinema system. Don't worry if you don't have one – you'll still experience the same amazing picture quality of high definition and stereo sound.

How do I know if my TV is HD ready?

Look for the 'HD ready' sticker logo on your television, or check your TV's instructions for the HD ready sign in its specifications. If you're buying a wide or large screen (anything over 37 inches), you'll need a TV capable of displaying the full 1080 lines to experience the best quality picture that Sky+HD can bring you. Many types of TV programmes are best suited to the higher resolution of 1080i, while others may look better in the progressive 720p format. Sky+HD can receive both 720p and 1080i broadcasts, allowing each HD channel to choose to broadcast in the format best suited to their type of programmes.


I have an HD ready TV. Can I watch HD programmes?

No. In order to watch programmes in high definition on your HD ready TV, you will also need an HD receiver, like the Sky+HD box with Viewing Card subscription.


What is an HDMI cable?

hdmiHDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) dramatically simplifies cabling and helps provide the highest-quality home entertainment experience by delivering crystal-clear, all-digital audio and video via a single cable. It's the best way to connect your Sky+HDTV box to an HD ready TV.




Plus get the first European 3D channel completely free when signing in for Sky World HD (3D ready TV required).

The channels you receive with the HD Pack depend on your Sky TV package. If you want to watch Sky Sports or Sky Movies HD channels, add the Sports or Movies Pack on online activation. The HD Pack includes also free-to-air HD Channels such as BBC HD, CHANNEL 4 HD, LuxeTV HD and many more.




Sky+ HD 3D TV Box

Sky+ HD 3D TV Box 2TB

hdhalf schum2 hdtbhalf

Experience the world of sports in HD and never miss a goal again, just press rewind, just simply watch it again. The Sky+ HD box is ready for the Sports HD Pack and for new services like 3D TV. 3D Ready!

The Sky+ HD 2TB box you will even more storage space. It can store up to 350 hours of high definition television. Record 350 hours in HD of your shows with a single button touch or on a moment's notice with One-Touch Record. 3D Ready!

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Enjoy your favorite shows and the latest movies in spectacular clarity. Get up to 1080i picture resolution for outstanding HD clarity and color on your HD television.

Sky Entertainment HD

Sky Movies HD

Sky Sports HD
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Watch shows like Hawaii Five-O, Blue Bloods, Game of Thrones, Lie to Me and documentaries, cartoons, news in HD


Watch next month highlights like Public Enemies, Pacific, Fools's Gold, 17 Again and many more.


Watch all big sport events like the rugby Amlin Cup or the Heineken Cup in high definition.

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Getting ready for the future has never been easier with SkyEurope.tv. All our Sky+ HD boxes are 3D ready. With Sky 3D the images on your television are so realistic you'll feel like you're actually there.


High definition TV is the biggest thing to happen to television in years. With HD, you can experience TV with sharper detail and more vibrant colour.


Sky Digital is packed with Interactive services, that gives you the power to be part of or get more involved in the programmes.


Order Sky Box Office Events easiely through your remote with the aid of our SuperDialer2. Just Plug & Play


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