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The 3D channel no longer exists - it is all ondemand now.
Sky UK, which launched Europe’s first 3D channel in 2010, moved all of its 3D programming content onto its on-demand service on 9 June. If you want this, you need our SkyEurope VPN OnDemand Router: Order SkyEurope VPN OnDemand Router

The Future begins now!

showworld3dGetting ready for the future has never been easier with SkyEurope.tv. All our Sky+ HD boxes are 3D ready. With Sky 3D the images on your television are so realistic you'll feel like you're actually there. Watch the games as if you’re on the ground or a movie and feel as a part of the action from the comfort of your living room. If you have a SKY+ HD box with our our SkyEurope VPN OnDemand Router and take the Sky World combined with the HD Pack for £73.00 per month, then you’ll be able to experience Sky 3D for no extra cost. If you have a new 3D ready TV find out how to activate Sky 3D in your home.

SKY 3D  :: Introducing SKY 3D



When the 3D feature is activated, all you need to do is switch your 3D TV into 3D mode, put on your 3D glasses and enjoy Sky’s amazing 3D previews. Sky 3D will work with both passive and active technology, so it doesn't matter which style you go for.


Order SKY UK VIEWING CARD SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE for 179 € per annum. Activate your VIEWING PACKAGE online. The monthly subscription is paid directly to Sky Digital via VISA or MASTER CARD.





Three Steps to watch SKY 3D





Step 1:

3D ready TV

To enjoy Sky's 3D service your television has to be 3D ready.

Step 2:

Sky+ HD Box & VC

Our Sky+ HD boxes are designed for the new 3D television.

Step 3:

SkyEurope VPN Router

SkyEurope VPN Router plus internet connection at home with 4 Mbit/s download speed or more.





Sky+ 3D HD 2TB box

including Sky Viewing Card


The brand new Sky+ 3D HD box with a even bigger hard drive, 1.5 TB for personal and 500 GB for on demand  TV. Record your shows with a single button touch or on a moment's notice with One-Touch Record. The future begins now. Get ready for award-winning Sky 3D movies and Sky 3D sport events in brilliant and the superb surround sound quality of Dolby® Digital 5.1 on your 3D television. Get Sky3D channels completely free when signing in for the Sky World HD Pack.
3D Ready!



iconfindout 449 EURO




How does Sky 3D work?

3dglassYour brain creates a sense of depth by combining the slightly different perspectives from the left and right eye of the same object or scene into a "merged image" that includes depth information.  Delivering the two different images on a single two dimensional screen to the viewer is a challenge as there is only one view available to both eyes.

Sky 3D projects both a left and right image onto the same screen, and then the glasses that you wear filter out the correct image to each eye, to create the sense of depth of real life.

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Sky+ HD 500GB Box

The Sky+ HD 500GB box including Sky Viewing Card will bring you a cinema-like experience in your own living room with sharper, clearer, more vibrant 1080i pictures and amazing sound quality on a new level. 3D Ready!
iconfindout 349 EURO
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