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Sky Account Activator

Here you can activate your Sky Viewing Card.

Please submit all details requested to get your Viewing Card switched on. Activations are done Monday - Friday  10am - 5pm.


Two steps to activate your Sky TV

Step 1: Enter your box system details

Step 2: Choose your Sky Viewing Package




Sky HD Pack

Get up to 80+ HD Channels. Activate Sky HD on Step 2


only £12.00 extra


Sky package prices:
showmovies230 showsport230

Sky Entertainment Extra

Sky Movies Pack

Sky Sports Pack

The Sky Entertainment Packs are the best choice for the whole family simply for everyone, your teli will love it. Watch over 93 premium channels.


Watch all the latest movies on over 11 premium Sky Movie Channels with over 460 movies a week- plus Sky Entertainment Mix.


Five exclusive sports channels with more than than 100 sports from around the world - plus Sky Entertainment Mix.

£ 32.00 £ 40.00 £ 49.50
per month per month* per month*

Sky World Pack

Add Stand-Alone Channels

Get all Sky Premium Packages combined in one hugh mix which includes with all premium channels and 300+ free-to-air Channels the widest variaty selection ever seen.


Here you can add extra Stand-Alone Channel Packs such as ESPN or ViewiAsia and many more. Stand-Alone-Channels are paid separately in addition to the monthly Sky subscription.

STAND-ALONE  CHANNELS can be added after the Sky Viewing Card has been activated and is up and running.

£ 68.00
per month


* Includes all selected Sky Viewing Package channels plus Sky Entertainment Mix

DiSeq is NOT supported by any of the Sky certified boxes. We do not guarantee it to work in a DiSeq environment. To run it in a DiSeq environment (at your own risk), you need to put the signals of the dish receiving ASTRA on 28.2° to the setting "DiSeq OFF" - meaning this satellite is routed to your Sky box directly without any DiSeq in use. The 11kHz signal is used by the Sky box to change into the higher band. Your local installer can assist you with that.
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