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Sky Software Update - Guide

If your Sky box has an old software / EPG version you might need to update your system.

The Sky Software Update improves the operation of the box and brings new features like the new SKY+ HD GUIDE to the Sky HD box.

Sky Software Update:

  1. Please unplug Sky box from the mains
  2. Remove Sky viewing card.
  3. Hold BACK-UP button down.
  4. Plug power supply back in keeping BACK-UP button still down.
  5. Wait about 10-15 seconds for a screen to appear saying "system update in progress".
  6. Release BACK-UP button when screen appears.
  7. Wait for Sky box to reboot (could take up to 10min). The Sky box is now downloading the latest software version.
  8. Give the box a few minutes, then turn back on, wait till it asks for viewing card to be inserted, insert card.
  9. The Sky box should operate perfectly thereafter with new Sky EPG Guide Software and other additional features.

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Sky HD

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