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How to get started with Sky UK TV?

Order Sky subscription in Europe

Here you will find useful information about receiving premium SKY UK television in Europe and how to get started.

Just hit the topic you want to find out more about. If you have still any questions about English SKY TV reception in Europe, please don't hesitate to contact us via our Email-Reply-Service and we will get straight back to you.

If you experiencing a reception issues, please go to our Troubleshooting Section for further information.


Getting Sky UK in Europe


How to order SKY television?


How to order SKY television?

Buy Sky TV online

Just simply select the Sky Viewing Card bundle you want, select between Viewing Card only or Sky Box Bundles including Sky Viewing Card. After pressing the "add to Cart" button the product will be redirected to the shopping cart. The shopping cart will show you all the products you have chosen on this web site. If you are happy with your order click the button for "Checkout".

Simply enter all your personal address details required and press "Next". On the next page you can change your shipping address. On page 3 select the shipping method, and click next. On the last page you need to enter your payment details ( VISA or MASTER credit card ) and accept our Terms & Conditions.

We will then process the order and ship it to you. You will also receive an email when the goods have been shipped with a tracking number, if requested.

After you have installed your setup, you can easily activate your new Sky Viewing Card using the Account Activator and enjoy Sky UK television.


I have already a Sky set top box - how to get Sky?


I have already a Sky set top box - how to get Sky UK?

Great, all you need is to order a Sky Viewing Card subscription for 179 € per annum. After receiving the Sky viewing card from us you simply need to activate it on your original Sky box. The viewing package can be selected on Online Activation.
All Sky viewing cards need to be paired to one specific box to receive Sky premium channels. You might see the message "this viewing card is not authorized, please call..." or "wrong card for your set top box, please insert correct Sky card". In this case you need to pair the viewing card to your new box by transmitting your new box system details via our Online Activation Form to us. We will then manually pair the viewing card to your Sky box, and you can enjoy Sky UK on your own box.

For services like Sky HD or the new Sky 3D channel you require a Sky HD box .


How many channels can I get in total?


How many channels can I get in total?

Most English channels in Europe

There are currently around 700 television and radio channels available on the Sky TV network, of which there are 79 radio channels, 55 time shift channels, 60+ high-definition channels and one Sky 3D channel. This action will include new 3D channels, including a Sky Sports 3D and Sky Movies 3D.

A Sky UK Viewing Card subscription gives you also a guaranteed access to over 370 English Free-to-Air Channels, that's four times more than the number of channels Free-view has to offer. Watch programs like BBC1, ITV, CBS, Channel 4, FiVE as well as film, news, documentary, music, travel and foreign language channels and many more.

There are currently 43 channels in the Variety Pack, 8 channels in the Bonus Pack, 370 free-to-air Channels, 6 free-to-view Channels, 50+ channels in the Sky HD Pack, 23 Channels in the Knowledge Pack, 19 Channels in the Children's Pack, 18 Channels in the Music Pack, 31 Channels in the Style and Culture Pack, 21 Channels in the Sky Movies Pack, 7 Channels in the Sky Sports Pack, 12 Channels in the News & Events Pack, 10 Premium Sports Channels, 3 Premium Kids Channels, 57 pay-per-view Movies Channels, 10 Premium International Channels, 7 Premium Subscriptions Adult Channels, 28  pay-per-view Adult Channels.

Combined with all channel sections there are 116 channels in the Entertainment section, 35 channels in the Lifestyle and Culture section, 42 channels in the Movies section, 32 channels in the Music section, 36 channels in the Sport section, 16 channels in the News section, 27 channels in the Documentaries section, 16 channels in the Religious section, 31 channels in the Kids section, 37 channels in the Shopping section, 58 channels in the Box Office section, 57 channels in the International section, 13 channels in the Gaming and Dating section, 9 channels in the Specialist section, 60 channels in the Adult section, 25 channels in the Other section, 7 channels in the Sky Information section, 82 channels in the Radio Channels section.

You can also get access to Stand Alone Channels such as ESPN America, ViewAsia, Sony/B4U, Zee TV or Television-X by subscribing to them on monthly basis.


Available Stand Alone Channels


Available Stand Alone Channels

Add extra Sky channels

Sky digital offers access to a number of additional premium 3rd-party channels from a range of quality broadcasters around the world. We offer support for all available Stand Alone Channels. Choose from Sky Stand Alone Channels - ESPN, ViewAsia, Sony B4U, MUTV, Chelsea TV, Racing UK, Music Choice Extra, RedHot TV or Television-X to add to your Sky TV package. Stand Alone Channels are paid separately in addition to the normal monthly Sky subscription. Terms & Conditions apply.

Simply add the Stand Alone Channels you want after you have successfully completed the online activation.

Check Stand Alone Channels section for more information.


Can I get Sky TV where I live?


Can I get Sky TV where I live?

You can get Sky TV all over Europe, partially even outside Europe. Regarding the dish and best size for your area you would need to contact a local satellite technician to do the installation. We only supply the Sky equipment and the service behind that. Sky UK Dish Installation should be for ASTRA 28.2° & 28.5° East.

Watch Sky UK TV via online stream in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, South America and the United States via SkyRELOAD.TV!

I live in an apartment in a block of flats. Can I still get Sky?


I live in an apartment in a block of flats.

Can I still get Sky?

Yes, by European Law all expats are allowed to have a dish installed in flats, blocks and apartments. Contact your landlord for further information. We will help to resolve all issues.

If your landlord will not allow you to install a satellite dish at all you can order the new Sky TV internet solution from SkyRELOAD.TV.

In cooperation with our partner SkyRELOAD.TV you can watch Sky UK via online stream anywhere in the world on your TV - no satellite dish required!

To order and for more information please visit: SkyREALOAD.TV - Watch UK TV Anywhere

Not allowed to install a satellite dish?

Not allowed to install a satellite dish?

New exclusive Sky UK TV internet solution - no satellite dish required!

Join SkyRELOAD.TV today and watch the biggest hits and entire seasons of the hottest TV shows on 31 live Sky channels or Sky OnDemand. Access Sky Entertainment, Sky Movies and Sky Sports online from anywhere in the world. No minimum Sky contract.

Plus watch Sky, BBC, Channel4, Channel 5, ITV via stream or on demand. With 1500+ channels apps from the UK and counting, you’ll always find something to watch.

For more information please visit our parnter website: SkyREALOAD.TV - Watch UK TV Anywhere

I live outside Europe. Can I still get Sky?

I live outside Europe. Can I still get Sky?

Yes, with the new and exclusive Sky UK internet solution for worldwide TV entertainment from SkyRELOAD.TV - no satellite dish required!

Sky UK via satellite dish is only available in Europe.

Internet connection requirement : 4 Mbit/s download speed or more

Join SkyRELOAD.TV today and watch the biggest hits and entire seasons of the hottest TV shows on 31 live Sky channels or Sky OnDemand. Access Sky Entertainment, Sky Movies and Sky Sports online from anywhere in the world. You can activate the Sky packages only for the time needed. You can always let the subscription run out on the end of the month. There is no minimum monthly Sky contract!

Plus watch Sky, BBC, Channel4, Channel 5, ITV via stream or on demand. With 1500+ channels apps from the UK and counting, you’ll always find something to watch.

For more information please visit our parnter website: SkyREALOAD.TV - Watch UK TV Anywhere

How long does it take to get everything working?


How long does it take to get everything working?

Normal delivery time for Sky orders is 7 - 10 business days via UPS. You will receive the UPS Tracking No. via email as soon as the order has been shipped to you. We have all products in stock.


DiSeq environment and Sky UK


DiSeq environment and Sky UK

DiSeq is NOT supported by any of the Sky certified boxes. We do not guarantee it to work in a DiSeq environment. To run it in a DiSeq environment (at your own risk), you need to put the signals of the dish receiving ASTRA 2 on 28.2° to the setting "DiSeq OFF" - meaning this satellite is routed to your Sky box directly without any DiSeq in use. The 11kHz signal is used by the Sky box to change into the higher band. Your local installer can assist you with that.


How will my Sky digital equipment be delivered?


How will my Sky digital equipment be delivered?

We ship via UPS. You can choose the shipping option on the 3rd checkout page. You can follow the delivery progress on the UPS website using the tracking number we send you. Simply trace your order via email. Sky Viewing Card only orders are shipped for free.





Your Sky TV equipment comes with a 12 month warranty. We only sell brand new equipment. We operate a return and replace policy and swap out faulty boxes. If your box already passes the 12 month warranty period, we offer a repair service or a new replacement box.


Is this legal?

Is this legal?

Sky TV has acquired the broadcasting rights to transmit it's services (movies etc.) via satellite to the UK and Ireland only and is therefore not allowed to have subscribers outside this area. We arrange your subscription using a UK address so that Sky TV is under the impression that you are in the UK and Sky TV is therefore acting in good faith. What we are doing is not illegal under European law and if you subscribe through us it is not illegal either. Sky TV on the other hand cannot be seen to permit or promote such activities. Therefore it is very important that you always deal through us. If Sky TV became aware that you are using your viewing card outside the UK they would deactivate it. Please never contact Sky UK directly, always contact us.


Account Information


How to change my current viewing package?

How to change my current Sky viewing package?

Please contact us stating the Sky UK channels you would like to add or lose. Adding channels/packages takes effect the same day ( up to 24 hours ). Downgrading a package can be done by giving a 31 days cancellation notice to SkyEurope.TV

Then leave your Sky box switched on and we'll manage the rest.



Annual fees

Annual fees

We charge a service and account management annual fee per Sky Digital Viewing Card subscription. The service and account management fee is 179 € per annum. The charge is made after 11 months of your subscription .You will receive a information email 6 weeks before the renewal is due. The annual renewal payment is to be paid by VISA or MASTER Credit Card to www.skyeurope.tv as a one-off payment.

If you wish to stop your subscription after 12 months you must contact us 45 days in advance to cancel the contract. We have a cancellation email form, where you can easily sent your cancellation to us. The Sky viewing card must also be returned to us to complete the cancellation.

Minimum length of subscription contracts

Minimum length of subscription contracts

By ordering a Sky Viewing Card you are entering a 12 months contact with Sky Digital UK and SkyEurope.Tv. You can renew your subscription after 11 month of contract for another year. We notify all customers 6 weeks in advanced for Sky account extensions. The 1-year service renewal fee is 179€. The Sky abroad subscription can be cancelled by giving at least four weeks notice prior to the first annual renewal, or any time after this 12 month term, by giving 31 days notice and sending the Sky Viewing Card back to SkyEurope.TV. The Renewal payment is not refundable.

What happens if my monthly payment fails?

What happens if my monthly payment fails?

If your monthly payments to Sky UK fail for one month then they will just carry the balance forward to the next month, as well as cancelling your direct debit details. They will then issue the account with an invoice around 14 days before the next months payment is due. If this payment is not received on time then you will get a "Call to Upgrade to receive this channels' message" which means the system will automatically suspend your Sky account.  If payment is received within 22 days of the account being suspended then your viewing will get automatically reactivated, if payment is after that time then we would have to call Sky and reinstate the account by clearing the outstanding balance. There is a additional .50 pence charge for credit card payments.

How long is a viewing card valid for?

How long is a viewing card valid for?

It is valid for as long as you pay the Sky TV subscriptions. It will not be changed or replaced unless Sky is replacing for newer generation viewing cards or your card is damaged (does not happen when used properly). The last viewing card replacement by Sky UK was made in 2010 - therefore the next viewing card change will be in the next 5-6 years.

I feel uncomfortable giving out my credit card details

I feel uncomfortable giving out my credit card details

We handle all information regarding our customers (past and present) with utmost confidentiality and such information is never stored on a computer that is in any way connected to the Internet, either directly via modem or indirectly via a network. Our network is also SSL secured to ensure secure transmission.

Sky TV charged too much off my credit card

Sky TV charged too much off my credit card

Sky Digital can take 2 months subscription at the start of the contract term. You then have 1 month free at the end of the subscription. If it is not the start of your subscription and you feel Sky have made a mistake please send us a copy of your credit card statement and mark the wrong deductions on it. We will take care of it for you.

If Sky TV has charged you incorrectly for any reason, you must notify us within 4 weeks of receiving the statement. Clearing this with Sky may take up to 6 weeks.


Technical Information

What HD channels can I watch?

What HD channels can I watch?

You can watch up to 60+ HD channels with Sky, Europe's widest range of HD channels. Experience everything from sports and movies, to arts, drama, documentaries and news, all in stunning high definition. The HD channels you receive depend on your Sky TV package. For example, if you have the standard definition Sky Sports, Sky Movies or Disney Cinemagic channel in your package you will receive the high definition version of that channel if available in the HD Pack.

With over 600 different films shown every month on twelve dedicated high definition movie channels and more sports in HD than ever before, you can now catch even more of the action and drama in stunning high definition. Plus, you can now add ESPN HD to Sky Sports HD for £9 extra a month and enjoy 115 available Barclays Premier League matches.

Luxe TV HD, Channel 4 HD, BBC HD, ITV1 HD and FiVE HD are available as free HD channel, although Channel 4 HD requires a current viewing card. The reception of free HD channels depends on the dish size and area.

Sky Movies HD   Sky Sports HD
  • Sky Movies Premiere HD
  • Sky Movies Showcase HD
  • Sky Movies Action & Adventure HD
  • Sky Movies Crime & Thriller HD
  • Sky Movies Comedy HD
  • Sky Movies Family HD
  • Sky Movies Indie HD
  • Sky Movies Modern Greats HD
  • Sky Movies Drama & Romance HD
  • Sky Movies Sci Fi & Horror HD
  • Disney Cinemagic HD
  • Sky Box Office HD (Pay Per View)


  • Sky Sports 1 HD
  • Sky Sports 2 HD
  • Sky Sports 3 HD
  • Sky Sports 4 HD
  • Sky Sports News HD - BRAND NEW
  • Sky Sports F1 HD
  • Rush HD
  • Eurosport HD
  • ESPN HD*

* requires ESPN subscription £ 9

Other channels available with the HD Mix are:
  • Sky1 HD
  • Sky Atlantic HD
  • Sky Arts 1HD
  • Sky Arts 2 HD
  • Sky Real Lives HD
  • Sky News HD
  • FX HD
  • MTV HD
  • Nat Geo Wild HD
  • History HD
  • Crime & Investigation Network HD
  • bio. HD
  • Discovery HD
  • SyFy Channel HD
  • E4 HD
  • National Geographic Channel HD
  • Sky News HD
  • Luxe HD
  • BBC HD
  • Channel 4 HD
  • ITV1 HD
  • Hallmark HD - BRAND NEW

Can I record programmes in HD with Sky+HD?

Can I record programmes in HD with Sky+ HD?

Yes, the brand new Sky HD 2TB lets you store even more of your favorite Sky HD shows. With one terabyte of personal storage, you can record up to 350 hours of high definition entertainment - that's four times more than the latest Sky HD TV box.

Put simply, you can record your favorite Sky HD channels all day every day for 10 whole days.

With the Sky HD box you can record up to 60 hours of high definition shows, or up to 185 hours of standard definition programmes.

The Sky HD TV boxes have all the Sky+ features built in, like recording selected series at the touch of a button, recording two programmes at once – and record selected series automatically.

Connection to the telephone line?

Connection to the telephone line?

In the UK you can get the Sky digi box for free (or nearly free) but you must agree to connect it to the telephone line for 12 months according to the terms and conditions of the "interactive contract".
Outside the UK it cannot be connected to the UK telephone line and therefore the Sky digi box or Sky HD box must be bought non-subsidised. We only sell non subsidised Sky boxes which can be used outside the UK with no telephone connection.

What is my Sky PIN?

What is my Sky PIN?

On Sky activation, your Sky PIN will automatically be set as the last four digits printed on the back of your Viewing Card. If you should enter the PIN wrong three times in a row, you need to wait 15 minutes to unlock the restriction. If your Sky PIN is not working, please let us know. We will then reset the PIN for you.

Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) lets you choose which TV shows are watched in your home. You can stop children from viewing unsuitable programmes and control how many Sky Box Office movies and events are ordered.

You can set up age rating filters which for selected programmes, restrict access to specific channels completely (or from 8pm) and remove the adult channels from the TV listings. You can stop recorded programmes from being viewed or restrict access to after a certain time in the evening.

What if Sky TV switches the viewing card off?

What if Sky TV switches the Sky viewing card off?

Sky will only switch off a Sky Viewing Card if the monthly payment is not made. This can happen if you call Sky yourself. Please always contact us with any issue you are experiencing and we will resolve the problem.




Three steps to watch


in Europe


Step 1:

Sky Viewing Card

To watch Sky UK in Europe you must have a Sky Viewing Card with a Sky box and a dish heading for ASTRA 2D on 28.2°.



Step 2:

Order Box Bundle

Choose a Sky box. For HD TV select Sky+ HD box. Complete your order and wait for your new equipment to arrive.



Step 3:

Activate Package

Connect your Sky receiver to your television setup and activate your favorite Sky TV Packs using our Online Activation.

To activate your SKY Subscription please visit the Sky Account Activator. Confirm details and start watching SKY UK TV. ACTIVATE

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