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Sky Activation
  1. activate-my-sky-vc

    Please fill out the required fields (*) in order to activate your Sky UK television.

    Activations are done Monday - Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm. (GMT)

  2. Personal Information:

  3. Customer Name:(*)
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  4. Your Email:(*)
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  5. Box System Details:

    Please do the software update before the activation takes place. Click here for more information.

    To access the System Details press SERVICES on your sky remote, and select SETTINGS then SYSTEM DETAILS.

  6. Model Number(*)
    Invalid Input
  7. Version Number:(*)
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  8. Serial Number:(*)
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  9. Viewing Card No:(*)
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      Please enter the 9-digit Viewing Card nummber with no blanks/spaces.
  10. Manufacturer:
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  11. Receiver ID:(*)
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    No Receiver ID?
    Usually after the Software Update the EPG version turns into the Receiver ID. Some older Sky+ HD box models do not have a Receiver ID - even after the Software Update. If after the Software Update the box has still no Receiver ID please enter the EPG Version into the Receiver ID field.
    Software Update Guide
  12. Select your viewing package:

    Please select your Sky Premium Viewing Package. The channels you receive with the HD Pack depend on your Sky TV package. If you want to watch Sky Sports or Sky Movies HD channels, add the Sports or Movies Pack.
  13. Sky Premium TV Packs:(*)

    Invalid Input
  14. Sky HD:

    Invalid Input

    The channels you receive with the Sky HD Pack depend on your Sky TV package.
    If you want to watch Sky Sports HD or Sky Movies HD channels, add the Sports or Movies Pack.
    You also pay an extra 30 p a month for paying by Credit Card.

    The viewing package can be upgraded anytime via email. To downgrade a viewing package you need to give 31 days’ downgrade notice to us via email.

  15. Payment Details:

    Please confirm credit card for monthly payments to SKY DIGITAL. Please note Sky only accept Mastercard / Visa debit and credit cards.
  16. Credit Card holder:(*)
    Please enter the name on your credit card.
      Please enter your name as it appears on your credit card.
  17. Credit Card Number:(*)
    Invalid Input
      Please enter your Visa or Master Card nummber w/o any blanks/spaces.
  18. CC expiry date:(*)
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  19. CC Secure Code:(*)
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      Please enter the last 3 digits from the back of your credit card.
  20. Please confirm display message - Connection Check:

    IMPORTANT: Please tune in to the following channels an let us know the display message you see on screen. On-screen display message is required for activation!
  21. Channel 105:(*)
    Invalid Input
  22. Channel 106:(*)
    Invalid Input
  23. Channel 301:(*)
    Invalid Input
  24. Channel 402:(*)
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  25. NO ACTIVATION if the information above is missing or incomplete. Do not forget to fill the error messages in correctly.

  26. Please confirm:(*)

    Invalid Input
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You can pay your Sky subscription on mothly basis secure via VISA and MASTER CARD.
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